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    Category: 樹狀分類查詢    樹狀分類查詢    樹狀分類查詢   
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2016-10-03 0404Application for Land Value Tax Rate Applicable to Land Used for Industries 22
2015-12-28 Receipt of Application (Authorization) Form for Enquiry or Issuance of Certificates by General Services Counters 10
2015-12-28 0902Application for General Exemption of Vehicle License Tax 6
2015-12-28 0903Application for Vehicle License Tax Exemption for the Disabled 95
2015-12-28 0403Application for Reduction or Exemption of Land Value Tax Applicable to Lanes for Public Passage and Passageways under Balconies and Hallways 10
2015-12-28 0405Application for Land Value Tax Rate Applicable to Land Used for Gas Stations and Parking Lots 7
2015-12-28 0406Declaration of the Location of House Bases 6
2015-12-28 0407Declaration for No Rental Relationship by Landowner 6
2015-12-28 0408Declaration for No Rental Relationship by Household Registrant 6
2015-12-25 0202Periodic Stamp Tax Payment (Change) Application 3
2015-12-25 0201Large Sum Stamp Tax Statement Application 3
2015-12-25 0901Application for Vehicle License Tax Refund 2
2015-12-25 0607Notes & Description for the Application Form for the Declaration of Land Value Increment Tax 1
2015-12-25 0609Declaration Form of the Priority in the Applicability of Self-Use Residential Land for the Assessment of Land Value Increment Tax 2
2015-12-25 0608Application Form for the Sale of Self-Use Residential Land Pursuant to Article 34, Paragraph 5 of the Land Tax Act 2
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