Today's date:2019-8-19
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Organizational Allocation

Local Tax Bureau, Hsinchu City takes charge of levying on all local taxes, including stamp tax 、vehicle license tax、 house tax、 deed tax 、land tax、 land value increment tax and amusement tax .

Ten Sections
  • Auditing Section
  • Legal Affairs Section
  • Public Services Section
  • Opportunity Tax Section
  • Consumption Tax Section
  • House Tax Section
  • Land Value Tax Section
  • Tax Enforcement Section
  • Operation Management Section
  • Information Management Section
Four Offices
  • General Affairs Office
  • Personnel Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office
Investigates ethics violations
  • Revenue Service Office , Hsinchu City
  • Telephone Number (03)5225161
  • Free-Charge Service Telephone Number 0800356969