Today's date:2018-6-22
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Accessibility Info

In order to allow certain visitors with physical challenges when browsing the Revenue Service Office , Hsinchu City website to enjoy as much of the same content as other users, the Revenue Service Office has strived in following the “Standards for Developing Web Accessibility” established by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan. The Revenue Service Office hopes to create a website environment as accessible as possible to all. The layout of this website is into four major areas--the auxiliary menu links, main menu links, sub-menu links, and main content links. Based on the principles of web accessibility design, “access keys” (also known as “shortcut keys”) have been included to reinforce the convenience of browsing. Access keystroke combinations have been set as follows: Alt+U – Upper auxiliary links area: this section contains a menu of auxiliary functions of this website. Alt+M – Upper main menu links area: this part includes links to the menu of main functions. Alt+L – Left sub-menu links area: this section contains links for each of the sub-menus. Alt+C – Center main content display area: this part displays the information content for each web page.

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